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Fx's Victoria rumored to be in a He is also the same top manager in chinese entertainment world whom Victoria's personal studio works with. Rumors are quickly spreading that Victoria is dating actor Yang Yang, with both Korean and Chinese media reporting on the story. Just months ago, Victoria.

Nichkhun And Victoria Now some people are accusing Jia Shi Kai of media play and an attempt to cover up his homosexual relationship with Yang Yang by spreading false "Victoria and Yang Yang dating" news on purpose to draw the attention away. Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young Dating Behind The Scenes Sweetness Fuel Fans Belief That 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' Couple Is In Love In Real Life

Soompi - Official Site Note: Before founding his own agency, Jia Shikai was a top official of the bgest chinese entertainment company. The longest-running K-Pop site, since 1998, covering K-Pop news, music, fashion, videos, photos and Kdramas. Anything and everything K-Pop.

Changmin TVXQ & Victoria fx are Is Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young Dating in real life a possibility? Posts about Changmin TVXQ & Victoria fx are dating? written by seanne shoewalker

RUMOR Victoria's rumored Fans of hit fantasy rom com Strong Woman Do Bong Soon certainly hope so especially after JTBC released behind the scenes footage of the cute couple's sweetness in between takes. RUMOR Victoria's rumored boyfriend Yang Yang is gay. Following up the rumor of Victoria dating a young chinese. our kpop darling Victoria Song has been.

Fx's Victoria rumored to be dating As a means to address fans' demands to see more sweetness from Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young, JTBC released a BTS reel of the couple as they prepared for scenes, hugging, holding hands and staring deeply into each others' eyes. Fx's Victoria has been caught up in dating rumors with top Chinese actor Yang Yang!According to reports by a Chinese media outlet on April 14,

DBSK Changmin and fx Victoria However, shippers think that Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young dating could be a very real thing given their strong on screen chemistry and their natural vibe while filming their romantic scenes. So as you have probably heard, DBSK's Changmin and fx's Victoria are rumored to be dating. Netizens have found proof. It started off with this picture.

Media reports saying fx Victoria is dating Chinese actor. So as you have probably heard, DBSK’s Changmin and f(x)’s Victoria are rumored to be dating. It started off with this picture, whereby someone that looked like DBSK’s Changmin was seen in the reflection of the metal spoon. K-pop news Breaking news. x Victoria is dating Chinese actor Yang Yang. Apr 14. SMEntertainment currently checking on Victoria about her dating news with.

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