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<strong>Style</strong> <strong>Savvy</strong> Fashion Forward A Date With

Style Savvy Fashion Forward A Date With Dominic is the romantic interest for your character (despite his shy demeanour) and he is also the benefactor of your shop. Alrht Ricky,let's not have a repeat of the whole Brad scenario. Just confess that you've always been in love with me and just propose already.

Dominic <em>Style</em> <em>Savvy</em> Fandom powered by

Dominic Style Savvy Fandom powered by Throughout the game, he hints heavily that he has developed romantic feelings for you, but you have little control over how to respond to these events. On your birthday or the date the Nintendo DS thinks is your birthday, Dominic comes to your boutique to give you a present which is a complete Masquerade.

Wedding and <strong>dating</strong> - <strong>Style</strong> <strong>Savvy</strong> Trendsetters Answers for 3DS

Wedding and dating - Style Savvy Trendsetters Answers for 3DS Many other characters in the game do also notice this and also hint that he is lonely (Godfrey), mention his nervousness around your character (Grace) or see you as a 'threat' (Renee, Eunice). If you're not allowed to date on the game then how come you have a wedding dress is in a supposed to be like a specifi. Style Savvy Trendsetters Answers for the 3DS

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