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Streetsmartdating So while I’m not judging you for being just like I am – I AM pointing out to you that if you insist that you can ONLY be attracted to men who are smarter than you, you are relegating yourself to less than 2% of the population (before we consider things like looks, heht, money, relion, humor, charm, attraction, values, etc.) Moreover, you’re relegating yourself to a man who is NOT A GOOD FIT FOR YOU. Thus, my wife doesn’t HAVE to be like me – because we’re great together. We did not detect any mentions or shares related to across the most popular social networks including Twitter, , Google+, LinkedIn.

DATING with Street Smarts Vol. I Hollis Media Self. And when two people who are that smart, that opinionated, and that strong-willed get together, it should obvious that sparks will fly – and tensions will mount. And yet you still hold your boyfriend to a ridiculous standard, as if a man who went to a state school and doesn’t watch Sunday morning political talk shows is a dullard. I married a woman who was smart – who gets every joke, who knows about Shakespeare and classical music, who has definite opinions about Israel/Palestine – but she’s not necessarily in the 98th percentile of intellectual curiosity. our time is usually spent talking about fixing up the house, raising our daughter, planning our next vacation, furing out what we’re going to have for dinner, etc. Dating with STREET SMARTS, He Says, She Says. the dance of life A whimsical but candid expose about LIFE; dating and Romance. how to get there from.

Dating Street Smarts How to Spot Emotional Predators and Con. Does that describe anybody else besides those brilliant men you’re drawn to? And I wouldn’t be all that shocked if it somewhat described you as well. And I put up with the same things that you have to deal with from men – selfishness, difficulty, self-rhteousness and so on. Because most of our lives are not spent discussing the finer points of Proust, or the best way to fix the 2-party system, or the science behind String Theory… My wife hasn’t done any of that personal growth stuff and you know what? Nov 4, 2009. The dating world is full of predators who will take you for quite a ride if you're not wise to them. Many men feel like they were sold a bill of goods.

Dumb Mistakes Smart Women Make with Men The Dating Truth They can be endlessly fascinating and even more frustrating. And yet you still say you want a man who is smarter than you are. Sounds like a pretty exhausting relationship, doesn’t it? It does mean that you need to accept men who are not in the 98th percentile of intellence, and recognize that there are plenty of amazing, brht, relationship-oriented men who may not be smarter than you. Mar 6, 2011. If you're smart about men, you'll realize that there are better ways to display your intellence than what I see some women doing in the dating.

A Beautiful Mind Dating Street Smart vs. Book Smart rinse before. They have enough information and ammunition to be impossible to argue with. That does NOT mean that you are going to find yourself with a man who has never read a newspaper, who has no interest in foren travel, or who can’t keep up with you and your friends. Dec 3, 2015. It's important to realise that just because someone is book smart – a straht-A student with 5 s – doesn't necessarily mean they street smart.

How to Raise Street Smart Kids - The Spruce The key to your future successful relationships is going to come in opening up to smart guys without all the baggage that comes from being brilliant and driven. Raise street smart kids who know exactly what to do when they feel threatened. Follow these 9 things you need to do to raise street smart kids.

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