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Antique <em>Marks</em> for <em>Anchor</em>, Pottery & Porcelain <em>Marks</em> -

Antique Marks for Anchor, Pottery & Porcelain Marks - Blue Fire-King was transparent and was decorated with a pressed desn of scrolled medallions connected by decorated ribbons. Antique Marks Pottery & Porcelain Marks- Anchor Marks in the shape of an anchor were used on pottery and porcelain throughout Europe in the 18th to 21st.

<strong>Anchor</strong> <strong>Hocking</strong> Glass Museum - Royal

Anchor Hocking Glass Museum - Royal This motif was used to form a border on the sides and a similar, but more elaborate, desn formed a circle around a stylized flower on the bottom of many of the pieces. Coors embossed beer bottle Fourteen inch Miss America bowl - this bowl was made by heating and stretching the 8" bowl.

Glass Manufacturers' <strong>Marks</strong> on Bottles

Glass Manufacturers' Marks on Bottles Fire-King was made in the lht blue color from 1942 to 1945. Glass bottle marks, manufacturers marks, bottle makers,cobalt, green marking, fruit jars, tableware,glass insulators,factory logo,emblem trademark

<em>Anchor</em> <em>Hocking</em> Glass Museum - History

Anchor Hocking Glass Museum - History One reference, by Earl Lifsey, states that the color of Fire-King was changed to green in he mid-1940s and to straw yellow a little later. Azur-ite, an opaque lht blue, was made a little later. History of Anchor Hocking. Anchor Hocking first came into existence when Isaac J. Collins and six friends raised ,000 to buy the Lancaster.

<strong>Anchor</strong> <strong>Hocking</strong> Glassware - Collector

Anchor Hocking Glassware - Collector In 1937, Hocking merged with Anchor Cap and Closure Corporation and the name was changed to Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation. Famous for its Fire-King brand of glassware in the mid-20th century, Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation began as the Hocking Glass Company of.

Antique Glassware Identification Early Cut Glass <strong>Marks</strong> antique.

Antique Glassware Identification Early Cut Glass Marks antique. That name was modified to the present form, in the late 1960s. Antique Glassware Identification Early Cut Glass Marks. Antique Glassware Patterns Anchor Hocking Wexford Pattern Glassware item. Dating glass.

Glass notes some manufacturer's labels

Glass notes some manufacturer's labels The general trademark of the Anchor Hocking Corporation is an anchor desn superimposed over an "H", This trademark is shown in Illustration No. According to The Trademark Register of the United States, this trademark was registered April 9, 1940. The illustration at rht shows the earliest ad that I found for Fire-King, a small ad from Good Housekeeping, October 1942. N. B. Please note that actual labels or marks may be snificantly larger or smaller than the illustrations shown. Anchor Hocking Glass Co, USA established 1905

Antique Collectors Guide to Pottery &

Antique Collectors Guide to Pottery & The first Fire-King was made in very pale blue color. Philbe and Jadeite desns are the most collectible forms of Anchor Hocking Fire King Glass. It was manufactured from the early 1940's to the 1970's by the Anchor.

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