Pregnant and dating someone else

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Should I feel bad for dating someone else while I'm pregnant. About a month before we met, he slept with a friend of his, and she became pregnant (the condom broke and she took Plan B – supposedly). She decided to keep the baby, which was disappointing for him at first, but he is now excited and making the best of it. I am pregnant by my best friendoops but this is my blessing and I'm excited. We are still friends and he is SO supportive. however I am dating someone else

Is It Wrong To Date While Pregnant With Someone They had been friends since hh school and hooked up a couple times, never really dating To his credit, he has been very open with me about it and disclosed the pregnancy on our second date. I'm 18 and 26 w pregnant - I got pregnant by a guy we were. Is it too soon to date someone else even if this one is OK with me having a son with another guy. Pregnant and dating, but not the father.or bad? I am 18.

What It's Like Dating Someone Who's Having A Baby He has been very understanding, supportive, and communicative. What It's Like Dating Someone Who's Having A Baby With Someone Else. but toss a pregnancy in there, and have it be their ex's baby, and you've got a recipe.

Disqus - How to Calculate Conception Date When he first told me, I didn’t want to shut down the idea of continuing to get to know each other, and I eventually decided being with him is worth it. He has no romantic feelings for her, and the feeling appears to be mutual. How to Calculate Conception Date. and now I'm pregnant. If my due date is September. the 25th and had sex with someone else August 4th.

My girlfriend is pregnant with someone She is seeing someone else (she is about six months pregnant), and she knows about me. Three months ago, my girlfriend was date-raped by one guy whom she ended up dating for couple weeks before leaving. She was intoxicated wine and under.

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