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Celebrities Who Date Non-Famous People - PopCrush The New York Post reported last week that Gwyneth Paltrow was so against an upcoming, unauthorized Vanity Fair profile about her because it alleges the married actress had a 2008 affair with billionaire real estate mogul, Jeffrey Soffer. Celebrities Who Dated Non-Famous People. Hollywood gives the impression that celebrities are above dating anyone other than, well, other.

Hollywood Celebrities Who Date Billionaires - Business Insider Paltrow's rep fervently denies the claims, while Soffer has clearly moved on as he married model Elle Macpherson earlier this year. Before she was married to Jeffrey Soffer, Elle Macpherson dated London-based Swiss financier Arpad Busson — who is now dating Uma.

Dating In Hollywood - But this isn't the first time a billionaire has been at the center of a celebrity love triangle or media storm. Dating In Hollywood University Of Goodwill Of Customers, Employees To Existing Arts And Withdraw A Lot And Leave The Lady.

Celebrity Couples and New Hook ups 2016 Dating & Relationships. See which other successful moguls only date in the celebrity pool. The actor, who has Italian parents, is tall, dark and totally dreamy. just confirmed her relationship with equestrian Karl Cook on a recent interview in Hollywood.

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