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Is the Welsh language under threat? - Capita Translation and. I like the different perspective a rural upbringing has given me, and rather wish I was able to say more than "Wyt ti'n hoffi coffi? Since I left Wales, the visibility of Welsh and other UK minority languages seems to have rocketed; and there's been a burgeoning interest in both localism, and genealogy – people want to know what their great-grandparents spoke. It is easy to forget that not very long ago Welsh was burdened with a reputation as being an out of date and irrelevant language, which hindered its speakers.

Welsh - Language Information & Resources There has also been a raft of language acts, enshrining rhts for speakers of minority languages in law, while our understanding of the benefits of bilingualism has prompted a sea-change in the educational arguments. The Welsh language known as Cymraeg in Welsh also has one of the oldest and most colorful literary traditions of all the European languages, dating back as.

Welsh language policy - About Us - North Wales Fire And Rescue. I have a hunch my feelings are typical of a wider shift in public opinion – but what difference has that made to minority language-speaking communities around the UK? The Welsh Language Commissioner issued fire and rescue services with their. date in the “Compliance notice – Section 44 Welsh language Wales Measure.

Welsh language - pedia If you look at the recently-published census results for 2011, not much. The Welsh language orinated from the Britons at the end of the 6th century. Prior to this, three distinct languages were spoken by the Britons during the 5th and.

History of the Welsh language - pedia As a teenager in Wales in the late Nineties, I was not a fan of Welsh; it was easy to mock and moan about. The history of the Welsh language spans over 1400 years, encompassing the stages of the language known as Primitive Welsh, Old Welsh, Middle Welsh, and Modern Welsh.

Set the date of your Apple iPhone or iPad to Welsh - Cymraeg There was the translation of my village's road sn, so it was both in 'English' and Welsh: Llandegley and Llandgelau. I resented being forced to study Welsh to GCSE – if I had to do a language, couldn't I do Italian, which would have been useful, as Italy was hot, and sexy, and a long way away…? Watch the video for practical advice on how to set the date of your Apple iPhone or. use Welsh language technology Set the date of your Apple iPhone or iPad to Welsh. How to set the date in Welsh/Cymraeg on your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Is the <strong>Welsh</strong> language under threat? - Capita Translation and.
<strong>Welsh</strong> - Language Information & Resources
<i>Welsh</i> language policy - About Us - North Wales Fire And Rescue.
<em>Welsh</em> language - pedia
History of the <b>Welsh</b> language - pedia

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