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Hooking Up Speakers To Laptop Lets face it, not everyone has an i Phone, i Pad, i Pod, let alone i Tunes. For the Category, I would click on “Use additional categories”. In the “Podcast image location”, this is where you will paste the image link. Now I’m going to assume that you have your audio file ready to go and ready to upload. Then name your podcast show and click on Upload/Insert icon. The Hook Up with Hannah Reilly. Search "The Hook Up" in App to add this podcast. The Hook Up is all about love. and f*cking! Hosted by Hannah Reilly.

The Hook Up with Hannah Reilly - You’ll obviously need hosting to host your blog and possibly your audio files as well. To create your podcast category, simply to your WP backoffice. The size of the image should be 1400 x 1400 pixals. If you don’t have an image then i Tunes will put their own default image which looks horrible. You can use your wordpress blog to host your images. In your WP backoffice, hover over Media and click on Add New. Once upload is complete you can copy the image link and paste it into the image location in your feedburner. Next you’re going to drag or upload your audio file. Why are men given such a hard time when they embrace their feminine side? We'll look at femininity in men across the sexuality spectrum and find out what it's like to.

A Serial Hook-Up Culture – wrtc103 podcasts Click on the Audio Player button and then click Insert into Post. Women in one house competing for one man; what could go wrong. The image below is Season 19 bachelor Chris Soules. A farmer from Arlington, Iowa who is known for.

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