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The Hook Up triple j loves more than just music - Mediaweek Just the other day I found myself looking for answers on how to get the artwork to show up on i Tunes. So hopefully this will find all those people who need help on setting up their own podcast show. The Hook Up triple j loves more than just music. By Dan Barrett. As a music station, the majority of its programs cannot be repurposed as podcasts.

How to Set Up a Podcast - The Complete Guide - Appendipity Below you’ll find a complete guide with images, and resources to help set up your podcast. You’re going to post all your podcast episodes under this category. Before we go to step 4, you’ll need your blogs podcast feed url. To get your podcast feed url simply add “/category/podcast/feed” at the end of your url. Next you’ll name your feed title and your feedburner address. Next you’ll copy and paste the feed url in a notepad or something, (you’ll need this for Step 6: Submitting to i Tunes). Next you’ll confure your podcast so feedburner can tell i Tunes how to list your podcast. This is a complete guide on how to set up a podcast from scratch. I remember how hard it was when I first wanted to start my podcast. I searched, and searched.

The Hook Up with Hannah Reilly' by triple. The way I’m going to show you will probably be the easiest way to set up your podcast. You’re going to need an audio player so your audience can listen to your podcast rht on your blog. EXAMPLE: Copy and paste this link in a notepad or something. The Feed Burner acts as a middle man between your blog and your i Tunes. This part is pretty much a fill in the blank type of thing. We’re almost ready to submit your podcast to i Tunes. The Hook Up with Hannah Reilly' by triple j - an overview of this podcasts performance on the Australian iTunes chart.

What the Hook-Up Culture does to Women - It will also cost you the least because you actually don’t need to spend any money to set up your podcast. The only thing you’ll have to pay for is hosting to host your blog. A Word Press blog is so you can have another way to share your podcast other than on i Tunes. In your WP backoffice, hover over Plugins and click on Add New. This is important because if you ever decide to move your podcast to another blog or site, all you’ll need to do is edit one field in your feedburner. If you haven’t yet, you mht as well get it simply because You’ll eventually need it to use google analytics, webmaster tools, adwords, adsense, youtube, and whatever else google has monopolized. In the blank field paste in your podcast feed url that you got from step 3. I would leave the podcast enclosures at “any rich media file”. But before we do this, i Tunes needs to know where your podcast is coming from. So we’re going to create a podcast by simply creating a post. Podcasts. Welcome to the Ruth Institute podcast page! This is one of my favorite places on the entire site. What the Hook-Up Culture does to Women

The #1 Ghost Podcast - Real ghost stories told by real people. I Tunes requires this in order to pick up the feed. Real ghost stories told by real people. Don't miss the best ghost show!

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