Smart girl dating dumb guy

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Smart Men Tell Us Why They Date Dumb Women - TheGloss Never mind that Smith would actually have been in the halls of power if she were still working for the mayor of New York instead of populating the front pages of the New York press as Spitzer’s official “gal pal.”Sure, as Vanity Fair’s Juli Weiner notes, the 54-year-old ex-gov is rich and some consider him hot. Mar 2, 2011. Let's assume dating dumb women is the best! I ed a smattering of my male friends who explained why some men like dating girls who are.

Smart girls, would you date a dumb guy? - GirlsAskGuys Even so, Spitzer seems like a dubious choice for the attractive Dartmouth grad, who’s been described by colleagues as tough, smart and ambitious. I think I would, though I like smart guys better. Don't worry about dating him, he's not gonna ruin your reputation lol and whether your your parents like it or not it shouldn't matter, if you like him and he likes you back I say you give it a try.

Should a Girl Dumb It Down to Impress a Guy? - LovePanky After all, dating a tabloid-target like Spitzer would make a job as spokesperson for any hh-profile candidate difficult to get. Secure men aren't afraid of smart women. In fact, they love them. For a great guy, dating a smart woman is a perfect challenge that can do more good than bad.

Do guys like smart girls or dumb girls? Yahoo Answers Nonetheless, brilliant, accomplished, women with lots of choices still date, hook up with, marry and even have children with men whose behavior has humiliated or otherwise compromised other women. Related Questions. GUYS smart girls or dumb girls. Would you date a guy with a low salary.

<strong>Smart</strong> Men Tell Us Why They Date <strong>Dumb</strong> Women - TheGloss
<b>Smart</b> <b>girls</b>, would you date a <b>dumb</b> <b>guy</b>? - GirlsAskGuys
Should a <b>Girl</b> <b>Dumb</b> It Down to Impress a <b>Guy</b>? - LovePanky
Do <i>guys</i> like <i>smart</i> <i>girls</i> or <i>dumb</i> <i>girls</i>? Yahoo Answers

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